Sewer Contracting

Bonded Sewer Contracting in Los Angeles

L.M. Olson, Inc. is a certified sewer company in Los Angeles, California providing bonded sewer contractors who can perform all kinds of severing works including sewer repairs, manhole installations, and sewer laterals.

We are a licensed and bonded sewer contractor in the city of Los Angeles, though it may be easy to mistake companies like ours as a plumber.

Our license and years of experience enable our bonded sewer contractors to provide excellent repair services in Los Angeles that require work in the streets, under sidewalks, or in the public right of way. As with any project, when looking for a sewer contractor it’s important to choose someone familiar with your type of work.

L.M. Olson, Inc. works for commercial and industrial contractors in Los Angeles, as well as for residential projects. For an estimate on bonded sewer contracting services get in touch with us today.

New Lateral Connections

This service is provided when the contractor needs a new lateral from the sewer mainline to the property line. As this service is a key part of many projects our team is highly experienced in lateral connections.

Septic Tank Abandonment

Our experienced bonded sewer and septic pump contractors in Los Angeles offer septic tank abandonment services. They completely fill it with concrete, compacted soil, or other approved materials before removal or abandonment.

Lateral Replacement

Our bonded sewer contractors offer a traditional-style lateral replacement and repair services at affordable rates in Los Angeles. We have a reliable process that ensures all replacements are completed seamlessly.

Trenchless Line Replacement

Advances in technology have changed the processes for replacements and enable us to provide more durable solutions. This style of replacement is less invasive, making it easier to preserve the landscape and other surrounding elements of the property.

Spot & Line Repair

When a video inspection reveals an easily localized blockage or collapse, our bonded sewer contractors in Los Angeles can isolate the compromised section and repair it with minimal invasiveness. Call us for information about spot repair options.

Grease Interceptors

From new installation to removal or maintenace of existing grease interceptors, our bonded sewer contractors offer several grease trap and interceptor solutions for both residential and commercial properties in Los Angeles, California.


Contact us for a free estimate for sewer contracting services or to inquire about equipment rental availability.

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